Cosmic Anomaly

Cosmic Anomaly Sites.

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Cosmic anomalies are sites that once found you can instantly warp to them, no need to triangulate the signature. These sites have a small chance of spawning faction commanders (0-10%) that may or may not drop faction loot. Anomalies can escalate from clues left behind by the pirates, this can lead you to even greater treasure and danger. Anomalies have no limitations on what you can bring, in fact many people in 0.0 alliances regulary use Carriers for the high-end anomalies. These can make as much as over 100 million isk per hour on a single account without the hassle of needing to convert loyalty points like with missions.
Many of these can be an excellent source of income and being so easy to find, anyone with a combat ship can do these. Below is a list of every anomaly and what they contain, what the trigger's are where applicable. Below that the ranking list.

Angel Blood Drones Gurista Sansha Serpentis
Angel Cartel's Hideaway Blood Raider's Hideaway Drone Cluster Gurista's Hideaway Sansha's Hideaway Serpentis' Hideaway
Angel Cartel's Burrow Blood Raider's Burrow Drone Collection Gurista's Burrow Sansha's Burrow Serpentis' Burrow
Angel Cartel's Refuge Blood Raider's Refuge Drone Assembly Gurista's Refuge Sansha's Refuge Serpentis' Refuge
Angel Cartel's Den Blood Raider's Den Drone Gathering Gurista's Den Sansha's Den Serpentis' Den
Angel Cartel's Yard Blood Raider's Yard Drone Surveillance Gurista's Yard Sansha's Yard Serpentis' Yard
Angel Cartel's Rally Point Blood Raider's Rally Point Drone Menagerie Gurista's Rally Point Sansha's Rally Point Serpentis' Rally Point
Angel Cartel's Port Blood Raider's Port Drone Herd Gurista's Port Sansha's Port Serpentis' Port
Angel Cartel's Hub Blood Raider's Hub Drone Squad Gurista's Hub Sansha's Hub Serpentis' Hub
Angel Cartel's Haven Blood Raider's Haven Drone Patrol Gurista's Haven Sansha's Haven Serpentis' Haven
Angel Cartel's Sanctum Blood Raider's Sanctum Drone Horde Gurista's Sanctum Sansha's Sanctum Serpentis' Sanctum

Cosmic Anomalies have 10 different varieties listed below, the higher the number, the lower the security status before you find them. Format is: (Faction) Pirate NPC site/Drone NPC site. Faction = Race specific faction.
NOTE: Each site has 4 versions and each version has 2 varieties. Versions in terms of difficulty is (easiest first): Normal name > Hidden (Name) > Forsaken (Name) > Forlorn (Name).

  1. (Faction) Hideaway/Drone Cluster
  2. (Faction) Burrow/Drone Collection
  3. (Faction) Refuge/Drone Assembly
  4. (Faction) Den/Drone Gathering
  5. (Faction) Yard/Drone Surveillance
  6. (Faction) Rally Point/Drone Menagerie
  7. (Faction) Port/Drone Herd
  8. (Faction) Hub/Drone Squad
  9. (Faction) Haven/Drone Patrol
  10. (Faction) Sanctum/Drone Horde